Thanks to our automation experts we have been able to develop software and hardware integrations to revolutionize the client’s companies and better the production system in all its steps.

Due to our constant participation and project management on a national and international level, we are able to offer our clients the highest-performing solutions to better even further the efficiency of production, focusing on the resources’ integration, generating additional value, reducing inefficiencies, developing knowledge and improving the ability to plan and respond.

The term “4.0 Industry” refers to the tendency of industrial automation to incorporate new production technologies to improve the working conditions, increase productivity and the system’s production quality.

We manufacture completely automatic systems implemented with robotic technologies and technologies of object recognition, quality check, system and computing functional to the technological and digital transformation of the production processes of the manufacturing facilities.

The different applications are custom designed and built to the specific needs and the line type, according to different production requests.

On the subject of qualifications, we are official FANUC SYSTEM INTEGRATOR partners regarding robotics and CN technology systems.

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