PROGEGROUP includes two different companies which share the effort put into the constant research into technological innovations regarding metal processing, especially aluminium, steel and copper.

Proge-Tec Srl is the historic company of the Group, founded in 1999 and initially placed in the old Ospiate di Bollate (MI) plant. Driven by ideals of innovation, it starts up as one of the first industries with the new € currency while the market wasn’t ready for this kind of update yet. Pushed by the clientele’s request, the company starts to develop and produce its first automatic and semiautomatic riveting machines, able to implement both the production capacity and the finished products quality. During the following years new technologies have been developed such as riveting, packaging and moulding machines. Several patents are registered and, in approximately 20 years, hundreds of machines and lines are manufactured and exported around the world. Today the company is known as one of the world leaders in the field.

From the need to create and manufacture whole production lines stems another important company: P.Technologies Srl. That is how lathing, welding and special operations machines are born, custom-projected for customers in the cookware field. Because of a group of designers and automation experts, the company founded in 2003 begins to produce full-blown automated lines.

Several production lines are currently operating around the world and each and every one is custom built on the clientele’s needs.

Given the exponential growth of the company in its field and the increase in machine production, Proge Group moves to Melegnano (MI), in a much more convenient and strategic location due to its highway connection.

In addition to the machines, the desire to offer a more complete service arises and that is why in 2008 P.Technologies acquires the notorious Novac Coating to add the coating process to its production package. Since its acquisition the company can claim the production of dozens of high-tech lines, custom designed to the clientele needs and manufactured with the highest quality materials. In 2010 the company acquires CMN another important company in the coating and industrial washing field which solidifies the Group’s dominance in the industry.

The latest acquisition in January of 2022, in the machine for cookware production field, is the company Samis Systems Srl. It adds steel and aluminium disc blanking lines, moulds and palletising systems to the ProgeGroup product range.

In 2023, the Group moves to Galgagnano (LO), to a new plant with a total area of 58,000 square metres to cater to the new production requirements.

Following the move to the new headquarters, the companies have been formally merged under the same name: PROGEGROUP Srl. The Group guarantees and amplifies all the services offered by the former companies and brands.

Through the years, the experience gained has led to a significant technological evolution which allowed for a technological transformation of the market regarding the design and innovation products.

PROGEGROUP is a long-time Made in Italy supporter and for this reason the design and production of machines and systems happen in Italy from start to finish.

Our Services

A deep understanding of the field’s technical-applicative problems allows us to present our clients with complete and customized support.
– Technical counsel of processes and technical-productive innovation;
– Feasibility studies and design of systems, machines, mechanical parts and specific equipment;
– Machines and pre-existing systems’ automation;
– Mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and oleodynamic design;
– Creation of industrial softwares of process and supervision;
– after sales;
– Systems maintenance.

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