The double rivet machine PROGE 21 has been specially developed to perform automatic riveting on pressure cookers.
The high installed power, allows it to perform high-quality riveting operations using stainless steel rivets from 3 mm up to 8 mm in diameter.
Thanks to its unique structural morphology it can be completely reconfigured in a short time when switching from one product to another.
Special supports make the machine easy to be used even by non-specialized operators. The operator is needed only for the loading / unloading of the pressure cookers onto the machine. The riveting machine PROGE21 was designed to permit the total automation of the production cycle.

The use of top brands high quality materials, allow easy ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

The production cycle is completely automatic and controlled by PLC.
Complete of an automatic selection and rivet feeding system.

Its specially engineered design for pressure cookers, enables it to work with high resistant stainless steel rivets.

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